Types of Shows to choose from

YMagic and Illusion show: David Shareef will perform a Mind blowing Magic and illusion show that has it all! Also this show can be for Adults, Children or made specifically for your event!  The show is  full of interaction between Magician and audience! That's right you or your guest could be called next! David Shareef will perform the floating table his origami routine all  set to beautiful music!
Y Science Show: David Shareef will perform science Magic as the Mad Dr. Gorie for children K-8th grade! David Shareef a former Chicago Public Schools Science teacher;  will perform common core science experiments that look like real Magic and then teach the science behind the trick so that children understand that science is cool!  teachers will be left with follow up sheet to ad to their lesson plans so that the young future scientist can do at home experiments.
YThe Mentalist show! David Shareef will perform mind blowing Mind Reading stunts and predictions! This show is a favorite of colleges, universities, corporate and celebrity clients!  Imaging you think of a celebrity in your mind only; David Shareef will not only guess who that person is; but in 60 seconds paint a portrait of the celebrity you are merely thinking of!!!!!!

David Shareef performed his psychic artist routine at the Whiting Indiana Pierogie festival and had an audience member think of a celebrity; David Shareef drew Elvis in under 90 seconds!  Also David Shareef was correct; it was Elvis the audience member thought of!  This effect is only performed by two college performers in the world!

(atual photo to the left)

The Seance' Show! also known as "UNSEEN FORCES" and "FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE" This is not for the faint of heart!  David Shareefs most celebrated and requested show, where David Shareef will read minds, hypnotize audience members, talk to spirits, reproduce unseen drawings and communicate with those from the other side! This is a FAVORITE WITH CELEBRITY AND WEALTHY CLIENTS! The Seance' show is a very specialized show and is best booked at least a week in advance, can be done on stage for hundreds; or up close for a intimate  group! This is the show to book if you truly want to freak out your guest in a good way!!