Our All New Science Show!
David Shareef:
 will demonstrate science experiments that look like real Magic as the Mad scientist Dr. Gorie!  Then David will demonstrate how the science makes each trick work!  Student will learn about chemistry by making ice cream through a magical process, children will learn about chemical bonds through making magic super bubbles that won't burst when touched and much much more! ext on your website by double
School Shows:
Say no to drugs
David Shareef will perform magic, illusions and talk to
students about the effects of drugs.  Students will perform 
skits about being approached by someone offering them drugs
with a "Say no to Drugs" themed magic show!
Anti Bullying show
David Shareef will perfom and talk to students
about bullying and how he was once the victim
of bullys; also how to talk to a teacher, principal or parent when  
 you need help!
Motivation show
David Shareef will give a powerful message of
motivation to students on dreaming big and going
for it!  This message is comming from a three
time world karate champion, former special ed
student who is now on the verge of getting his
PHD (expected 2/16)
Get ready for the test showl
David Shareef will get your students pumped up for the
big test, with cheers, music and magic!
Library Shows:
Reading is Magic
David Shareef will perform an all ages magic show and then teach children how to read instructions in a magic book to learn magic and then children will perform magic for their peers.
Dr. Gories Magic lab show
same as the science show.
Say no to drugs
Magic with a message, David Shareef will perform magic with a powerful message to children about staying away from drugs and the lasting effects of being on drugs!